Dayton O’Connor Flips Derek Parker

Welcome back to dirty tony and more glorious and naughty scenes featuring gay guys that are very very much into hardcore fucking and nasty ass play too. This week we have Dayton and Derek getting to play nasty and Derek gets to be the one to receive the dicking for a change in this one. You know that Derek is the alpha male, but even he needs to get some cock in his ass every now and then and Dayton here is more than happy to comply and aid him out with the whole thing. Anyway, let’s get the dirtytony scene going as you simply must see this steamy gay fuck go down today without delay too. We can promise that you won’t regret checking it out!

As Dayton and Derek make their entry you can pretty much already tell on their faces that they were eager to get to do some fucking and they weren’t going to take it slow either. Even that kissing an caressing at the start is quite fiery and passionate and you can tell that Derek wanted it badly, cause like the guys from Jason Sparks‘s blog, he is crazy about sucking cocks and swallowing big loads of cum! You just have to see him sucking that cock after that yo have it spelled out for you that he was definitely in the mood for a nice and hard fuck as well. So anyway, let’s get to watch the two fuck hard and enjoy the whole thing. There will be more new content next week so do make sure to drop by and check it out without delay everyone!


Check out this guy getting a mouthful of jizz!