Mikey Fucks Chad

Continuing with the passionate and sexy┬ádirty tony gay shows that we bring you every week, we come back once more with a new pair that will surely rock your socks off. Or at the very least they rocked the bed. But all jokes aside anyway, you get to watch the horny guys Mikey and his fuck buddy Chad that gets to moan as he gets his ass fucked deep by Mikey today. Rest assured that the two guys know fully well how to put on a simply stunning and sensual gay┬ádirtytony action scene for the cameras an you to see and checking this one out is a must. So let’s skip everything else and let’s get right down to the fucking that they get to do for you!

They have this nice and big bed in the bedroom of course and it’s all satin covers and other materials taht all red too, making the whole thing very very passionate. And of course, the guys get started with some kissing and caressing the likes of which you rarely see just to get in the mood a lot better. The thing is that Mikey gets to fuck his buddy Chad as we said and you can see him prep that ass with some anal licking too. Either way, watch Chad fucked missionary today as he gets to lay back and enjoy the action and by the end of this simply glorious update see the two guys shooting their loads over one another too. See you next week with more!


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