Dirty Tony – Triston and Jake

Another fresh week and time to see another dirty tony scene here today. You know that we always have the best of the best shows to expose to you all and this week you can see the horny Triston and Jake pair go down on one another with a passion and having lots of fun for the cameras to shoot too. Triston and Jake are quite the experts at showing off just how good they are at putting on some steamy gay fuck scenes for you guys and gals to see and rest assured that this dirtytony scene with them is a must watch. So let’s get on with it and just watch the two spending the afternoon fucking one another passionately without delay shall we?

dirty-tony-triston-and-jakeWe forgot to mention that another one of the two is straight, or self declared straight, but he won’t be for long, if you get to see what he ended up doing today. And you know the saying so is spaghetti until it gets wet, but that’s more for lady on lady action. Anyway, watch them begin their superb show on the couch with some passionate cock sucking and then watch them move on to some straight up anal pounding action. You know that this is the best site to come and visit when you want to see hot hunks fucking and be sure to check back next week for even more kinky action. And also you may want to look at the past scenes for some kinky stuff too! Also you might enter the fraternityx.me site if you wanna see some hot frat guys having sex!

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Fabian Fucks Devin

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back yet once more. You know we have the best here at dirty tony and we can guarantee another simply stunning and sexy gay fuck fest with the two studs that we have to show off today. In this one Fabian and Devin are back in action as you can see but you never got to see them paired together so we figured it would be awesome to see what these two studs could do if they put their talents to work in a nice fuck session this afternoon. Well let’s get to check them out doing just that in this new dirtytony scene and you will be able to relax and enjoy the front row seats to the two’s show as they fuck hard today!

Fabian gets to be the one to take the reins for a change and Devin is completely okay with that as he wants to have some cock in his ass for this one too. But anyway, this wouldn’t be a classy scene without them getting around to blow one another’s dicks and lube those cocks nicely. But like we said, Devin gets to be the one to take it in the ass today so pretty soon he lays back and eagerly gets to spread his legs for Fabian. And the latter just goes all out nice and deep in that ass without delay here today too. Enjoy the truly sensual fuck that the two got to put on for the cameras and you all today and have fun with the whole thing.


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Dirty Tony Sparks

Today here at dirty tony we have quite the peculiar update to bring you. This week has this gay expert show off how gay guys get to play kinky with a straight guy that has always been curious to try this one out. Well we guess that that would make him at least bi now, but anyway. That guy gets to lay in bed as the gay hunk here gets to play with his cock for the afternoon and treat him like royalty. So let’s get right in the action with this one as we guess that you are just dying to see what happened with these two studs this afternoon without delay too. So let those dirtytony cameras roll and let’s check out more steamy gay action for this glorious and sexy show!


As the straight guy and the gay stud come into the scene, you can see both off them kissing and caressing one another passionately as they make their way towards the bed today. And also taking off their clothes. Anyway, once on there, the straight guy gets to lay back and let the expert suck his cock with a passion to begin with and make his cock rock hard and lubed for that tight ass. After that special treatment you can see the gay stud getting on top and enjoying every second of the cowboy style cock ride that he takes for this little scene here. Enjoy seeing them play naughty with each other and have fun with this simply stunning scene!

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Mikey Fucks Chad

Continuing with the passionate and sexy dirty tony gay shows that we bring you every week, we come back once more with a new pair that will surely rock your socks off. Or at the very least they rocked the bed. But all jokes aside anyway, you get to watch the horny guys Mikey and his fuck buddy Chad that gets to moan as he gets his ass fucked deep by Mikey today. Rest assured that the two guys know fully well how to put on a simply stunning and sensual gay dirtytony action scene for the cameras an you to see and checking this one out is a must. So let’s skip everything else and let’s get right down to the fucking that they get to do for you!

They have this nice and big bed in the bedroom of course and it’s all satin covers and other materials taht all red too, making the whole thing very very passionate. And of course, the guys get started with some kissing and caressing the likes of which you rarely see just to get in the mood a lot better. The thing is that Mikey gets to fuck his buddy Chad as we said and you can see him prep that ass with some anal licking too. Either way, watch Chad fucked missionary today as he gets to lay back and enjoy the action and by the end of this simply glorious update see the two guys shooting their loads over one another too. See you next week with more!


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Dirty Tony – Team Jake

Another fresh week and time to see another new and juicy dirty tony scene here with more hot hunks playing nasty with each other. This time we have a threesome for you to enjoy and we can pretty much tell you right now that this one is a must see. The guy on the receiving end today here is named Jake and he is quite happy and eager to be the center of attention in this one. His two fuck buddies are here to tend to his every need, especially the one that has him craving some nice and hard cock in his cute and tight ass for the afternoon. Well let’s get that dirtytony show on the road and let’s get to watch the guys party hard here shall we?


The gray couch gets to be put to some good use once more and as the guys make their entry Jake gets to sit on the couch while the two take off their pants and whip put their cocks for him to suck on too. Just take your time to see Jake blowing those dicks with a double blowjob today to start off and pretty soon from there the real and kinky fuck fest begins as well. You an watch him double teamed as the guys take turns to penetrate his fine ass with their big and thick cocks today for the whole show as he moans in pleasure. We’re hoping that you’ll enjoy it and you can expect to see more next week as well, all you need to do is drop by!

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Robert Pounds Devin

Well for this week we’re back to the usual couple scenes here at dirty tony and we want to present you with the two smoking hot and muscled hunks Robert and Devin as they get to play naughty with one another for today’s sexy and superb scene as you will see. Robert gets to take the role of the alpha male in this scene here as he gets to plow Devin hard style in the ass and rest assured that you will very much want to see this one go down. So let’s waste no time with this juicy and hot dirtytony scene and watch the two hot gay studs fucking hard style on the couch for you. You will be in for some great times with them and their little naughty scene!

Like we said, they get to play on the couch and you can bet that they got to put the apostry to some good use this afternoon. Watch Robert enjoy some oral as Devin sucks his meat so good that he makes him moan in pleasure at the start and after that, you can see Devin lay on his back with legs spread wide as we wants to get to take it in the ass already without delay today. So watch him fucked missionary style nice and hard for the whole thing and of course, we’ll be back soon with more. We will bring you even more simply juicy and hot updates that you can check out and you can count on it guys and gals. Bye bye for now!


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Dirty Tony – Nerd Bukakke

Today’s new and fresh dirty tony scene is bound to become your favorite one yet everyone. We’re saying that because in this one we have quite the classy bukkake scene going down and of course, there’s more than just two or three guys. There’s actually six in total and they are all down to get nasty for this one. All at the request of this nerdy guy here that wants to have tons of jizz sprayed all over him without delay today. So let’s watch this gang bang of sorts here at dirtytony today and see this nerd sucking cocks and getting drenched in jizz all afternoon long without delay. We bet that you are quite curious to see it all unfold as well for today as well guys!


Either way you can be sure that this show here is one that you will not forget too soon once you get to see it going. The nerd guy gets on his knees and all his willing buddies here get to drop their pants for him today. Just watch closely as the guy gets to start his round to the left and get to suck each and every cock all the way to the right. When the show gets near it’s climax, you can see the guys starting to jack off for the nerd and as he eagerly waits, pretty soon jizz load after jizz load lands all over him too. Enjoy the bukkake scene here today and do come back again soon for even more all new and all fresh galleries too!

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Rogan Fucks Fabian

Hey there guys and welcome back to more dirty tony goodies this week. This time we get to see Rogan and Fabian play with one another and the scene that they get to share here today is simply stunning to say the least. We can pretty much assure you that there’s going to be plenty of superb sex that you get to see the two doing here today and Rogan gets to be the one to deliver the fucking for Fabian, who was desperate for a good dicking this afternoon. Well let’s just get the dirtytony show on the road and see Rogan give this guy a hard style anal fucking for the duration of the whole show today. There’s no way you can skip over this glorious scene!

When the cameras start to roll the two guys are all ready and set to play and they get to take their time to get naughty on a nice and comfy leather couch as well. Fabian goes down on Rogan to make sure that his cock is all nice and hard for the next bit of this hot scene and you can see him sucking that cock like he would enjoy candy too. Then he gets to spread those but cheeks for Rogan and you can see him enjoying it tremendously as the cock goes nice and deep in his superbly hot and tight ass. To end it all perfectly, you can see Fabian have the guy pull out and shoot a nice and big load all over his face too. Enjoy this show and see you next week with a brand new update!


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Dirty Tony – Luke Takes 9

Hey there guys and welcome back to some more all new and all fresh dirty tony scenes with some more hot gay studs getting to party hard. You know that we always have the best of the best galleries here featuring hot and hairy guys getting to show off just how passionate they can get when they want a fucking and this one is quite the show to check out in that regard too. One of the guys is Luke and you can see him getting the special treatment in this one from his fuck buddy as they get to play together for your viewing pleasure here today. So let’s see Luke take a break for this dirtytony scene and see him getting his cock worked by the other guy!


In this little break of his his fuck buddy decided that he knew exactly how to perk him up and what do you know, it actually worked like a miracle. All that tony needed to feel a lot better and rested was to have some eager lips wrapped around his cock and feel them sucking his meat with a passion. And some ball play too. But anyway, you can bet that Tony was completely revived after that and he promised the guy a nice and kinky reward later that night. And well, who knows, maybe you’ll get to see that around this place in the future as well. Anyway, see you next week with another juicy gay session and more gay porn images!

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Dayton O’Connor Flips Derek Parker

Welcome back to dirty tony and more glorious and naughty scenes featuring gay guys that are very very much into hardcore fucking and nasty ass play too. This week we have Dayton and Derek getting to play nasty and Derek gets to be the one to receive the dicking for a change in this one. You know that Derek is the alpha male, but even he needs to get some cock in his ass every now and then and Dayton here is more than happy to comply and aid him out with the whole thing. Anyway, let’s get the dirtytony scene going as you simply must see this steamy gay fuck go down today without delay too. We can promise that you won’t regret checking it out!

As Dayton and Derek make their entry you can pretty much already tell on their faces that they were eager to get to do some fucking and they weren’t going to take it slow either. Even that kissing an caressing at the start is quite fiery and passionate and you can tell that Derek wanted it badly, cause like the guys from Jason Sparks‘s blog, he is crazy about sucking cocks and swallowing big loads of cum! You just have to see him sucking that cock after that yo have it spelled out for you that he was definitely in the mood for a nice and hard fuck as well. So anyway, let’s get to watch the two fuck hard and enjoy the whole thing. There will be more new content next week so do make sure to drop by and check it out without delay everyone!


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